Over 9 years of successful SEO experience. Tailored optimisation solutions with clear plans of action. Superior integrity, clarity and results.


We are Google Partners. Adwords gives measurable ROI for your business. Find out why a Serpstone managed Adwords campaign is better.

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Serpstone Digital Marketing Agency

Serpstone Ltd. is a Digital Marketing Agency specialising in SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay per click) advertising. We are based in Ireland, just outside Dublin in North Wicklow, but service clients globally.

We deliver on honesty, integrity, clarity and results.

Digital marketing – our way

We could tell you that we are one of a select group of Google Partners, or that we love our work (we really do!), but what you want to know is what our digital agency can do for you.

Here’s what we do and why you should give us a call today:

  1. Increased profits through enticing more qualified leads to your business.
    This is achieved by optimising your website and online ad campaigns to target people who are already searching for your products/services and making your company more visible to those leads
  2. Improved conversion rates of leads into sales.
    Your website is a 24/7 “salesperson”. Many web pages forget to ask for the sale. By giving a clear message, asking for the sale and clearing obstacles to completion we increase conversion rates.
  3. Save you money over doing the work in-house.
    The cost of hiring our agency is much lower than the cost of hiring internal staff to do the same job. We also have a wealth of experience that would be hard to match for a reasonable salary!


With over 9 years experience, we know what we are doing. A lot has changed in that time, but the core principles remain the same. We have never caused a client to pick up a Google penalty, but we help clients recover from them.

Google Adwords

Serpstone are Google Partners. That means that Google set quality standards that we have to meet and that our staff are certified. Our Adwords accounts are monitored by Google constantly, so you can be assured of a consistent quality service from our managed accounts.

Why Use a Digital Marketing Agency?

At Serpstone we are flexible and we are experts. For many we are the entire digital marketing solution. For others we are consultants, helping to guide and train an existing internal team or even assist in hiring that team. We co-ordinate with external vendors as required and we are equally at home talking to designers, programmers and traditional marketers. We work on short term projects or are on long term contracts. In short, we do what is required to do an amazing job that suits the needs of each individual client company.

A digital marketing agency like Serpstone can both save and make your business money. With PPC campaigns that means higher conversions and lower costs per click. For SEO it means gaining traffic and a better user experience, which of course, also means higher conversion rates and thus profit.

Working with Serpstone you will receive a combination of sound advice with clear explanations. You can expect to be truly listened to. We work really hard to understand our clients businesses so that we are targeting the right people with our copywriting, optimisation and strategies.

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