How to add Serpstone to your Google Analytics account

At Serpstone we require access to your company Google Analytics account in order to see your traffic levels and sources, set up goals and create custom reports.

Measurement is the key to successful SEO.

  1. Log in to your Analytics account and click on the admin tab on the top bar. From there you will see the screen below.GA admin screenSelect “User Management” in the account column.
  2. In the “Add Permissions For” section add in whichever email you have been provided. This is going to either be an individual staff member as in the example below or a more generic address that will be shared among several staff members (eg. info (at) Management GA screenIn the drop down box to the right tick off all but “Manage users”. Tick that off too if you want us to clean up your list of previously invited people (the more the merrier is not the case with your Analytics account). You would do this if you had previously worked with multiple agencies all of whom still have access to your account. Only people who need access should have access.Tick the “Notify this user by email” box and click the “Add” button.

That’s it, you’re all done!

How to remove Serpstone from your Analytics account

If you ever need to remove Serpstone (or anybody else / an ex-employee for example) from your account, it is extremely simple. Just click “Delete” on the row beside the email you want to remove access for. This is in the list above the “Add permissions” section. Note, that the delete option will only show when there is more than one email address with access.

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