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Serpstone are Google Partners

Serpstone being a Google Partner has multiple advantages for our clients. Over time running an Adwords campaign has become increasingly complex with many fantastic additions like re-marketing which can radically improve ROI.

Conversely, thoseGoogle partner Badge same changes now mean that it is possible to squander a large budget with little return without training. As a Google Partner we meet, and indeed surpass, criteria set by Google. Giving Serpstone Partner status is Google’s way of saying, “These people know what they are doing”.

Google are not content to just issue a partner badge based on annual certification exams alone. Partners are subject to continual assessment of their managed campaigns. If standards slip then the badge is revoked. A Partner MUST implement and sustain best practices.

We also receive additional support and guidance from Google as partners. This helps us to stay at the head of the game.

How do I sign up for a Serpstone managed Adwords campaign?

The key to great adwords campaignsPick up the phone or email us. We’ll talk you through the process which will differ slightly depending on whether you are a first time advertiser, or we are re-modelling a campaign for you.

Adwords Account Setup

We are very particular about how we set up your campaign. We will manage your account that you set up in your name with your payment details (invisible to us). This gives you total flexibility and control of your account and is how all managed Adwords accounts should be set up.

Two key points of having it set up like this are:

  1. You have 24/7 access to your Adwords account and can see all the data in it. Nothing is hidden from you.
  2. Should you wish to stop working with Serpstone at any stage, all you have to do is unlink the account from us (or us from you). This will not stop your account working. It just means that we would no longer be managing it.

Budgets and Fees

Setting an initial budget can be daunting. We have clients with budgets as low as €500 / month and as high as tens of thousands. Our advice is unwaveringly that your budget should be as high as possible where you are making a positive return on investment. Serpstone will always strive to minimise your costs over acquisition. You may have a specific budget in mind or we can advise you. As the campaign progresses we will give feedback on budget recommendations.

With a Serpstone managed Adwords campaign you will have two separate sets of bills. One will be directly from Google on either a paid in advance or monthly billing system. The other will be our management fees.

Initially we charge a campaign setup fee. This differs depending on the campaign complexity and thus the number of hours it takes us to set it up. The price will be agreed before we start work.

Once the account is set up we charge a monthly management fee. Typically this is based on a percentage of your Adwords spend although we are flexible with our arrangements.

We have experienced customers who do not like the percentage based fee model because they feel it incentivises us to increase their Adwords spend. Actually performance is our prime motivator. It is what gives us our Partner status. Also, unless a client is seeing a positive ROI on a campaign (and fees), then we are not going to keep the business. Nobody likes losing business!

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For more information on working with a Google Partner please see: for useful advice on choosing a third party agency and on what to expect from them.